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Salem the time traveling white witch who fought during the last great time war with both the 8th Doctor & the War Doctor. Salem & The Last Great Time War Chronicles.'

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RASSILON (Timothy Dalton)                 Rory Halliwell/Donna’s Boyfriend (Jonas Armstrong)

AGENT JASON USHER (Alan Davies)       Grandfather Paradox.


Salem Floating In The Time Vortex 2

DONNA SALEM the prophesied time travelling white witch begins her first adventure/

time travelling assignment at New Scotland Yard’s Top Secret Anti-Time Travel/Occult Terrorism

Department Project Red Salem Sept 10th 2005AD. Her time traveling activities very soon attracts

the very close attention of the Timelords on Gallifrey. As an certain something from the very far

future is sinisterly menacing stirring inside the shadows. The Timelords request the 8th Doctor to

sought out this new time traveller Salem. Now On Gallifrey. The 8th Doctor escorts Salem to talk

to the Timelord council about the mysterious menace menacing throughout the universe.

Attacking other alien homeworlds and then mysteriously disappearing again without a trace.

Salem suspects that this new menace is masterplanning a possible time war and then sets

about asking the 8th Doctor to join forces with her to hunt down this new deadly menace.

In order to stopping a possible time war from ever occurring.  But the 8th Doctor then strongly

protests and leaves Gallifrey.  Meanwhile the Timelords decide the only way to ensure certain

success in a possible up and coming time war. Would be to resurrect the ancient Timelord Rassilon.

Salem immediately strongly protests against this voting motion.   Fearing that if Rassilon was ever

to be resurrected back from the dead. 

'Then Rassilon would then lead the Timelords into a deadly 'time war

with no clear victorious outcome.

Salem then sets about searching throughout space time and the universe for this new threat.

Meanwhile. A certain someone eventually soughts Salem out.   An unknown regeneration of

the Doctor known as the War Doctor alerts Salem.        That the ancient mythical Gallifreyian

Grandfather Paradox is the new menacing threat responsible.  Now well armed with this one

future knowledge of future events.       Salem sets about turning to the Sisterhood Of Karn.'''

Secretly arranging for the Gallifreyian high priestess/witches to ensnare the 8th Doctor.

Please Refer To (The Night Of The Doctor/YouTube) Henceforth forcing the 8th Doctor

into the last great time war. Salem’s worse fears are then finally confirmed as the new

menacing threat then attacks a Dalek outpost located inside the Gates Of Elysium.

Henceforth then triggering off the last great time war.

Meanwhile On Gallifrey.  Against Salem’s own strong protests of resurrecting Rassilon.

The Timelords decide to ignore Salem’s strong advice and resurrect Rassilon back from dead.

Henceforth. Rassilon immediately proclaims himself leader and instantly rallies the Timelords

into the deadly course of final battle. The first year of the last great time war now underway.

Salem locates a lone starcruiser and then deliberately attacks it.     The human crew onboard

manages to escape.  Leaving only the female pilot Cass onboard to desperately pilot her ship

safely down to Planet Karn.      Then the 8th Doctor appears out of nowhere to help aid Cass.'''

But then on sighting the Tardis immediately red alerts Cass to the Doctor as being a Timelord.

Instantly protesting.   Against the Doctor and the Timelords involvement in the time war.

Cass shuts the 8th Doctor inside. Now crashing landing onto the planet Karn. The ancient

Sisterhood Of Karn prepares the 8th Doctor to forcefully regenerate into the War Doctor.

Salem’s secret masterplan into involving the Doctor then finally pays off.  As Henceforth.

The War Doctor rages into battle and into the full chaos of the last great time war with

Salem at his own side. But in another parallel timeline, the 8th Doctor is already involved.

A desperate attempt into saving the Dalek leader Davros fails.    As the menacing Nightmare Child.

Violently consumes all of the Dalek warships inside the Gates Of Elysium. 1st Year Of The Time War.

Three years into the last great time war.  Both Salem, the 8th Doctor and the War Doctor are both

war stricken and are desperately looking for an end to the last great time war.

Meanwhile On Gallifrey.  Rassilon is secretly masterplanning a final deadly end to the time war.

Salem very soon learns of Rassilon’s crazy masterplan and

then finally decides to confront Rassilon.

The final day of the Last Great Time war rages in Orbit with the Dalek invaders and the invading

Paradox Fraction lead by Grandfather Paradox on the land. Salem deadly engages into battle with

Rassilon for the final time.  Threatening to rip the time vortex apart and ending all of existence.

The years of fighting the time war begins to show.     Salem attempts to reason and warn Rassilon

not to go through with his crazy masterplan.     But all warnings from Salem then fall on deaf ears.

Meanwhile. Unbeknown to both Salem and the Doctor. The War Doctor is preparing to unleash

the final secret Timelord weapon known as the Moment to finally end the last great time war.

The 8th Doctor being in two places at once. Makes his final stand.   As the 8th Doctor helps Salem

into defeating Rassilon.   The other 8th Doctor now confronts the evil Grandfather Paradox inside

Gallifrey’s Citadel. The years of fighting against the Nightmare Child again showing its own strain.

Meanwhile the final battle engages between the Daleks and the Timelords inside Gallifrey’s orbit.

During the course of the battle with Rassilon.    Salem finally manages to cast a time bubble spell

against Rassilon and his own fellow soldier Timelord known as the Vanguard.

Salem also just managing to stopping the 8th Doctor from attempting to kill Rassilon.

Henceforth time freezing Rassilon into a time bubble.  The 8th Doctor instantly disappears out of

known existence. Only leaving the other remaining 8th Doctor left to battle onward with the evil

Grandfather Paradox.     Meanwhile. Salem rushes to confront the War Doctor whom is about to

finally unleash the gates of hell upon Gallifrey and the Daleks. Salem then offers the War Doctor

an final choice.            Meanwhile inside the Citadel. The 8th Doctor pulls down the console lever.

Grandfather Paradox screaming protesting as the 8th Doctor falls unconscious onto the console.

The Citadel then violently explodes into a violent fireball.   Salem time traveling back to the very

moment of this one violent event.        Again Salem being present in two places at the same time.

During the violent explosion. Salem manages to rescue the unconscious 8th Doctor and out of

the violent chaos. Escaping into the Tardis.  Leaving the doomed Grandfather Paradox to violently

explode with the violence of the time war chaos.   Meanwhile. The War Doctor makes the final

decision of using the Moment.   Henceforth. The violent supernova violently consumes Gallifrey.

The War Doctor just managing to escape just in the nick of time.  The resulting violent explosion.

Wiping out both the Timelords, The Daleks and the Paradox Fraction in one large swoop.

The final violent ending to the Last Great Time War finally over.

Salem watches within the safety of the Tardis Console Room.   The 8th Doctor now recovering

from the final confrontation with Grandfather Paradox.        Salem watches Gallifrey exploding.

The 8th Doctor and the War Doctor painfully watching helplessly at the exact same time.

Just what has he done??     Destroyed his own homeworld just in order to save the universe.

The harsh dire decision was this: Save the universe from the time war or allow the time war to

finally consume the whole entire universe and the whole of space-time.         An hard decision.

Meanwhile. Haven’t been overwhelmed and sickened by Gallifrey’s destruction. The 8th Doctor

then bids Salem farewell and then disappears out of existence. Salem then finally finds herself.

Inside a completely different Tardis Console Room.   Staring all around. The War Doctor stares

very wearily feeling so guilty for the ending aftermath of the Last Great Time War.

Salem then forces the War Doctor to regenerate.   During the War Doctor’s own regeneration.

Salem decides to lock the existence of the Last Great Time War into an locked down time bubble.

Known as an Time Lock. The Time War now finally time locked.        Salem safely pilots the Tardis.

On to Planet Earth in 2003AD.    The newly regenerated 9th Doctor tearfully stares toward Salem.

9th Doctor: “Just what have I done?” ‘They all gone” ‘My own homeworld is gone!” ‘Salem,

Donna Salem: “You made that final decision, Doctor, not myself,  now we must part company,

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